4 Tips to Enjoy Salah More

4 Tips to Enjoy Salah More

How are you able to increase the enjoyment you get from the five diurnal prayers? How can you feel more tête-à-tête connected to Allah( SWT) during salah? How can you help salah from getting a careless ritual? Read to find out!

1. Exercise Dr. Zakir Naik’s Advice on the way to Stay Focused During Salah

Dr. Zakir Naik tells the key to staying concentrated on your prayer. the key is to concentrate on the meaning of what you’re reciting, in your own language.

We all know it’s good to understand the meaning of what we say in prayers, but take it to the approaching position. designedly consider the meaning in your first language, while you recite Arabic.

Example As you recite the verse Alhamdulillah rabbil ‘ aalameen, suppose of English restatement “ All praise is due to Allah, Lord of all the Worlds. ”

Rationale The mind can’t wander if it’s 100 concentrated on commodity, similar because the restatement of the words you say in Arabic.

fastening the mind on one thing may be a form of awareness, which has numerous health benefits.

2. Make particular Dua in Sajda/ Prostration

The Prophet Muhammad( PBUH) said, “ the closest a slave can be to his Lord( Allāh) is while they’re prostrating, so increase in solicitation ”( Ṣaḥīḥ Muslim, Musnad Aḥmad).
Making dua in sajdah during Salah will make the salah more particular for you and strengthen your relationship with Allah( SWT).

Scholars agree that you simply can say dua in Arabic in the sajdah of all prayers. But scholars differ on whether you can make dua in another language during sajdah. thus, I make dua in English within the sajdah of voluntary prayers( Sunnah and Nafl), just to be safe.

3. Understand the Deeper Meanings behind the various Positions

Flashing back these deeper meanings will bring further life to your salah. Then are a number of those deeper meanings

Takbeer( Saying Allahu Akbar) numerous scholars say that moving the hands back symbolizes throwing the planet behind you. You’re getting into private followership with Allah. Allah is Lesser than everything. you’ve got entered into a sacred state called Tahrim.

Qiyam( Standing Straight) This posture symbolizes the utmost adab the loftiest respect towards Allah( SWT).

Ruku ’( Bowing) is often a pillar of prayer. Ruku shows our yoke and modesty. The word rak’ah( a unit of prayer) is known as after the ruku ’. this is often why if you catch the ruku ’, you catch the rak’ah.

Standing up after the Ruku ’ this is often setting the stage for the sajda, the most event of the prayer. We say, “ Allah hears those that praise Him ”( Sami Allahu Liman Hamida) because we’re about to go down and praise Him.

Sujood( exhaustion) Sajda is the topmost single act of deification humanly possible. The Prophet( PBUH) said that the closest a menial will ever be to his Lord is during sajdah. By doing sajdah, we lower our heads to point out that Allah is the Loftiest. Every rakah has 2 sajdah’s, while just one of the other positions is because sajdah is so important.

Tasleem( Saying Salaam to left and right) You’re wishing peace upon the angels on your right and left, also as upon the people you’re soliciting with

4. Remind Yourself of the costs You’re entering

Did you recognize that for every single sajda you do, your spiritual rank is raised one degree, and you’re forgiven one sin?

The Prophet( PBUH) said, “ No menial prostrates for the sake of Allah but that Allah will raise his status by a degree and redeem one among his sins. ”( Sahih Tirmidthi)
Allah( SWT) promises to offer those who supplicate a great price

“. and therefore the establishers of prayer( especially) and the givers of zakah and the religionists in Allah and the Last Day – those We’ll give a great price. ”( 4162)
The Fajr prayer is crammed with blessings. The Prophet( PBUH) said

“ the 2 Sunnah cycles of prayer antedating Fajr prayer are better than this world and all that it contains. ”( Tirmidhi)
“ Whoever prays the Fajr prayer, he or she’s also under Allah’s protection. So guard, O son or son of Adam, that Allah doesn’t call you to take for being absent from His protection for any reason. ”( Muslim)

soliciting with others brings further blessings than soliciting alone. The Prophet( PBUH) said,
“ Prayer in congregation is best than prayer alone by twenty-seven degrees. ”( Bukhari and Muslim)

“ Whoever offers Isha salah in jama’ah it’s as if he spent half the night in deification. And whoever r offers fajr salah in jama’ah it’s as if he spent the entire night in deification. ”( Muslim)

4 Tips to Enjoy Salah More
4 Tips to Enjoy Salah More
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