How to spent in charity

How to spend in charity Performing worship on Laylatul Qadr is equal to worshiping Allah for 1,000 months (83 years). Now imagine if you donated to Laylatul Qadr. Imagine getting the reward of donating the same amount of money every day for 1,000 months in a row. How great would your reward with Allah be? …

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Hijra What is ?

Hijra   WHAT IS ? In 622, Muhammad traveled from Mecca to Medina with his supporters. This journey became known as the Hijra (also spelled Hegira or Hijrah), and marks the beginning of the Islamic calendar. Some seven years later, Muhammad and his many followers returned to Mecca and conquered the region. He continued to preach …

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Why Quran is perfect ?

Why Quran is perfect? The Quran is free from any doubts as it’s sent by Allah himself, it teaches people to live a balanced life (both socially and spiritually), been preserved and unchanged for centuries, it’s also the only book that has been memorized cover to cover by thousands if not millions of people since …

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