Islamic Studies

Aqidah ​​

which is Islamic creed or articles of faith. Quranic formulation includes belief in Allah, angels, prophets, Holy books, and the Day of Judgment. This course will aim to provide students Aqida,Creed or faith (Iman) of Islamic theology and Sunni creed in the Mulims’s life !
At this course, we provide a complete course for our beloved students, helps them to:
– Learn the 6 pillars of Faith ( Iman ).
– Learn the proofs of Allah existence
– Increase their faith.
– Build a strong connection with our creator, Allah.
– Answer their sensitive questions related to this section.​

Islamic History (Seerah) ​

The student will study the period just before the prophet’s birth and then the prophet’s life and the the four khalipha( leaders)
In this course we provide three levels for the student to study
1- Prophets stories from prophet Adam to prophet Muhammad peace be upon them all
2- Our beloved prophet Muhammed’s (pbuh) life, story, biography ( Serah)
3- The period of the first four khalipha ( leaders) of Islam: (Abu Bakr – Umar ibn al-Khattab – Uthman ibn Affan – Ali ibn Abi Talib ) ​

Fiqh ​

“Whomever Allah wants good for, He will grant him fiqh (deep understanding) of the religion.” (Bukhari) The student will get the knowledge and the understanding of the guidance, the rulings, and the way of life that Allah prescribed for us. the Shari`ah is Allah’s guidance in His Book (the Qur’an) and the tradition of His Messenger (the Sunnah), wahile fiqh is our knowledge of these rulings after exerting all effort to extract them.
In this course, you will learn the following six catogries in details
1- The pillars of Islam
2- Purification (Taharah)
3- Prayers, Salah or (Namaz)
4- Fasting or Sawm
5- Charity or Zakat
6- The Pilgrimage or Hajj ​

Hadith ​

Quran Barakah Will learn you the statement ( Hadith) of the Prophet (pbuh) which was narrated by his companions and subsequently narrated to the next generation until these sayings were compiled in hadith collections. Such as Sahih Hadith series, Al Arbawoon AlNawawi – Understanding 40 foundational hadith (the most 40 sahih Hadith) Riyadh ul saliheen. ​

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