About Us

About Us

About Us

Quran Barakah is a leader Quran academy while teaching the Quran online for the last 8+ years. Have many students around the world completed their online Quran courses with us

Actually We have named our website ( Quran Barakah ) as we seek Barakah in the first position of our work, of course we seek Barakah from Allah in all of our life, our time, our childern , our health, our wealth and every thing in our life. We always ask Allah to grant us Barakah in all of our life as the prophet Muhammad (pbuh) taught us so.

 One of the most improtant thing we seek Barakah for is our childern and of course as parents, we want to give the best education to our children, and the best education is to teach them The Holy Book of Allah (Quran) and our beautiful  religion which is in Islamic studies. No doubt, it’s the prime duty of parents to teach their children Quran and Islamic teachings to be successful in This Life( dunia)  and The Life Hereafter.

Quran Barakah's Online Tutors

Ahmed Hassan


Mostafa Nawar

Quran Teacher

Hamed Alzaini

Arabic teacher

Mahmoud said

Quran and Islamic studies teacher

Mayada Mohamed


Somia Mamdouh

Arabic teacher

Rahma Mohamed

Quran Teacher

Alia Elfaham

Quran and Islamic studies teacher

Our Mission & Vision

Our mission is to help the next generation of Muslims to create the most peaceful global world and contribute to picture the real peaceful image and essence of Islamic values and culture. We have been carrying forward our mission through teaching Quran and Islamic studies with fun and interactive way.

Quran Barakah’s vision is to lead this beautiful mission of spreading peace through the Quran and Islam as well as provide the best learning experiences to students who want to learn the Quran.

We are committed to removing the barrier of language and helping all the native and non-native Muslims learn, understand, and implement the Quran in their practical lives.

Quran Barakah offers Quran courses for kids, adults, males, females and newly revert Muslims. Specially designed for the kids classes to learn the Quran in a joyful environment.

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