Why Quran is perfect ?

Why Quran is perfect?

Why Quran is perfect ?
Why Quran is perfect ?

The Quran is free from any doubts as it’s sent by Allah himself,

it teaches people to live a balanced life (both socially and spiritually),

been preserved and unchanged for centuries, it’s also the only book that has been memorized cover to cover by thousands if not millions of people since its revelation.

Below are 159 of some of the best and most beautiful Quranic Quotes

we’ve compiled across every chapter of the Quran. These quotes from Quran will inspire and motivate you.

We hope you find this useful, if you do please don’t just keep all this information to yourself.

There is some jaw-dropping quotes from the Quran that leave you in awe the first time you read them,

for me this was a powerful one. Through life experience, I’ve noticed countless times by observing others and myself that we do not like to admit or faults or try to conceal our vices.

I believe this is human nature, we unknowingly do this as a defense mechanism to protect our ego.

Sometimes we delude ourselves so much we begin to believe our own lies. So, in a way,

this ayat is telling us not to fool ourselves. I’ve found the best way to avoid fooling ourselves is to simply try our best to do what is right,

doesn’t matter who sees it. Do the right thing for your own psyche and you will no longer have to “conceal with falsehood” because the rest won’t matter

if you did the right thing. Sometimes it helps to believe you in a movie and everything is being recorded, and in a way it is, but on that day when you get to rewind and play back the tape it will be too late.

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